Criselda Cac

Graphic & Web Designer

As the lead designer for ProjectThunder, Criselda genuinely enjoys the creative process. Her ability to add functionality and aesthetic value to an existing foundation is unparalleled. Criselda is able to reign in the visions of our clients, molding them into our digital workspace by utilizing her command of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Illustrator, and InDesign. Her creative touch transforms our code into the masterpiece that is your company’s representation.

Criselda’s process begins by grasping each client’s vision and developing a concept that will allow for a successful launch or re­branding. Utilizing her artistic background, Criselda makes sure our clients websites’ are easy to navigate and up to date with the latest popular designs. Her contribution to ProjectThunder has been incredibly innovative and allowed us the ability to highlight our clients’ products and raise brand awareness. Criselda also played a major role in incorporating HD quality media on web pages, creating a clean and crisp vision for our clients.

In her artistic fashion, Criselda is excited for upcoming ProjectThunder designs where she can tap into her interests of film­making, media development, and editing. Criselda also enjoys sculpture and painting in her free time.